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Meet The Author



To the glory of God, Judy is Out Of The Box of Domestic Violence. As a minister and a counselor, she is dedicated to seeing other women set free. This dedication has directed her to writing as a source of helps. In the role and function as author, her writings center around the issues regarding this tender subject.


Judy’s life experience as a university dance teacher still infiltrates the ministry today. Her expertise and passion for the arts is very evident within First Love Ministries & Dreamcenter. Furthermore, her delivery of the Word of God has a fresh approach, incorporating the arts throughout her preaching and teaching.

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Discover How You Can Step

Out Of The Box of Domestic Violence

Domestic Violence is a broad term that encompasses many facets of abuse (physical, emotional, psychological, sexual), but its ultimate goal is the same: to control through fear. It is a secret sin in the Body of Christ; a family tragedy that sorely grieves the Heart of God.


This present day Goliath is ravaging through the family bringing destruction and devastation even to the next generation! Author Judy Brinkley hits this subject head on by sharing her story of abuse. From her personal life, and experience as a counselor and minister, Judy offers viable solutions to help others step out of the box of domestic violence.


In Part I you will learn:

  • Just the facts regarding the abuse and battering of God's precious Women of Worth.
  • The myths surrounding abuse.
  • An in-depth description of abuse; physical, emotional, psychological, sexual, and spiritual as well as the cycle of violence.
  • How author Judy Brinkley stepped Out Of The Box of Domestic Violence to overcome all of its atrocities. You will be empowered by her incredible testimony.
  • The mindset of an abuser; insight into the profile of a psychological and spiritual batterer.
  • God's Transform Strategy; a recovery program for men who abuse.


In Part II you will learn:

  • The Heart of God toward you; teaching to inspire hope as well as impart understanding of His Forever Love for you!
  • You are A Woman Of Worth who deserves A Man Of Integrity and not a betrayer.
  • God's Empower Strategy for women: A Four-Step Process Out Of The Box of Domestic Violence.
  • A liberating and balanced perspective regarding the Word of God on such topics as; covering, headship, submission, woman and more.
  • Forgiveness and its misconceptions concerning Domestic Violence.
  • HE GIVES BEAUTY FOR ASHES (Isaiah 61:1-3); the numerous ways the Lord will adorn, beautify and embellish a life in recovery.


This book series is excellent for victims of domestic violence,

also those who serve them: pastors, ministers and leaders.



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Have you ever experienced domestic violence?


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